Last week I did and interview with Dan Evans, who works at the wonderful Bookshelf Cafe & Cinema in Guelph, Ontario. He also happens to be one of the hosts of CFRU 93.3‘s morning radio program, Books for Breakfast.

For some time, Dan had been hoping to interview an author writing for young people…so yep, I fit the bill. We met in March when we both spoke at a creative writing class at St. Jerome’s College in Waterloo. At the time, the first thing Dan asked me was whether or not I’d ever heard of The Bookshelf. Yes, of course, I told him, I knew it well.

When I turned 16 and finagled myself a driver’s license, The Bookshelf was the first place I droveā€”in my grandmother’s 1988 Chevy Impala, no less. Where else can you buy books, sip coffee, catch a second-run movie, and have swanky dinner all under one roof? Anyway, enough of me plugging The Bookshelf (but yes, it’s very cool and you should go).

This Books for Breakfast interview originally aired on April 19, 2012.

Part 1

Part 2