The Weston Great Hall (no relation) at the British Musuem.

As some reading this already know, I’m moving to London, England. This is partly for the sake of my wife, who is a production designer specialising in theatrical model-making (maquettes) and there’s much more of this kind of work in Europe.

Nevertheless, I’m going to miss Toronto. I’ll miss the sharpness that comes at the beginning of winter, with its plethora of free public ice-skating rinks (the most in the world, in fact).

I’ll my agent and my editors and everyone at Penguin.

I’ll miss Chad and the staff at Sky Blue Sky, who kept me so often fed and watered.

I’ll miss Canadian Rocky Mountain cookies at El Cafecito.

I’ll definitely miss the Toronto Writers’ Centre, the amazing place where I did most of my work over the last few years.

Most of all, I’ll miss my friends, family, fellow writers and colleagues. If any of you cross the proverbial pond, make sure to look me up. Until then, or until I’m next back for a visit, goodbye Toronto.