Happy Loving Day!

It will always strike me as odd to think that if were I born a few years earlier, my whole existence would be illegal in many parts the U.S. Until the summer of 1967, sixteen America states still had laws prohibiting human beings of difference “races” from getting married and … More

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What I’m Looking Forward To in 2016

To whom it may concern (i.e. anyone who experiences the passage of time): Happy New Year! With some welcome holiday downtime, Machiko and I celebrated with some baking (and punning). Our logic went like this: In Western Europe, the winter holidays have a strong association … More


Breakfast with Dr. Seuss

This week a strange, unexpected, and rather wonderful thing happened. I appeared on television. And I have Dr. Seuss to thank. It happened like this… In 2013, a nearly complete manuscript by the famous American children’s poet, who died in 1991, was … More

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Trains in Japan (and here)

You might file this under Things In Which Only I’m Interested, but if you’re a bit of a train-geek like me, then by all means read on. I wouldn’t call myself a genuine trainspotter because a) I’m not, and b) trainspotting as … More

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Spock, Science Fiction, and Me

The death of Leonard Nimoy was sad news. There are very few actors who spend their entire careers so closely associated with a single character—and Spock was a great one. I still remember the first time I saw Leonard Nimoy interviewed, how ironically … More