Excellent news, everyone. There has been a new translation of Zorgamazoo.

As you might imagine, finding someone—anyone—to translate this book is harder than finding pearls of wisdom in a Trump-brand clam. But thanks to Rosalind Elland-Goldsmith, a brave and superbly talented translator, and the fearless souls at Editions du Seuil, it has happened.

Feast your eyes on this cover by Roland Garrigue. How cute is this?

Look at Morty, with his little teeth. Look at Katrina, with her oddly shaped noggin. Look at the strange beast hovering above them! What on Earth—or not—could that be? It’s a perfect blend of dark and quirky, two of my favourite flavours.

Many, many thanks to Rosalind and Editions du Seuil. It’s a honour to be published by such a respected house. And to the French-speaking world—especially French-Canadian readers: bonne lecture!

And while on the topic of the French-speaking world, si vous souhaitez une copie du livre, vous pouvez en trouver un ici. J’espère que vous l’aimez.