Back in the spring of 2020, a little twitter thread made me smile:

It still cracks me up.

It also makes me wonder. How would you take Zorgamazoo? Inhale it, presumably. Zorgamazoo the street drug is definitely a gas. A colourful one. (That makes more sense if you’ve read the book.)

Later, after a full year of lockdown reading, Daniel Alarcón recited from Zorgamazoo on the The New Yorker Radio Hour. It was part of a segment on the books he most enjoyed with his son while cloistered away from the pandemic.

Needless to say, I am honoured—all the more so because he placed Zorgamazoo in such august company, alongside CeCe Bell’s touching graphic novel El Deafo and Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot.

You can listen here:

Daniel Alarcón on Some Favorite Children’s Books (New Yorker Radio Hour, April 2 2021)

Special thanks to Javier @infrahumano for turning Daniel onto the book in the first place. Muchas gracias!