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Behold! Gügor Speaks!

At the end of May, at Book Expo America 2013, people stopping into the Penguin booth had the opportunity to speak to one of the characters from my upcoming children’s novel, The Creature Department. The character in question was Gügor, who … More

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London Street Art

Since relocating to London, I’ve been repeatedly astonished by the quality and sheer preponderance of street art. The stuff is everywhere, especially in my neighbourhood of east London. It’s gorgeous, inspiring stuff, too, not just illegible tags (not that there’s … More

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Victor Rivas’ Artwork for Prince Puggly

As of today, it’s exactly one month before the release of my new novel-in-verse, Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff. Of course, I’m excited to see it in bookshops, but I might be even more excited about … More

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2012 in Pictures

So that’s it for 2012. The world didn’t end. Life goes on. Et cetera. Wasn’t sure how to recap the year, so I’m doing in pictures. Here are, roughly in chronological order, my ten favourite-slash-most-significant images from the past twelve … More

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Judging Books By Their Covers

It’s the old adage. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t make decisions based on appearances alone. Look beyond the surface. Et cetera. All tantamount to another old chestnut: It’s what’s inside that counts. Recently, however, a couple things … More

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