Dust City Wins CLA Young Adult Honour

Just got back from the TLA 2011—where I had a wonderful time and met a ton of amazing people—but that post will have to wait until a bit later. Right now, I’m very happy to announce a bit of good news that was waiting in my inbox when I returned…

Dust City was named a 2011 Young Adult Honour Book by the Canadian Library Association! The winner of the award was Kenneth Oppel‘s Half Brother, and the second honour book was Room by Emma Donoghue…which puts me in some very good company! If you’re interested, the full shortlist is in one of my earlier posts.

Congrats to Kenneth and Emma (the aforementioned ones, not the former Brit power-couple of stage and screen, although those guys are cool, too). Finally, an ENORMOUS thanks to:

Thank you so much!

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3 THOUGHTS TO " Dust City Wins CLA Young Adult Honour "

  1. Yahong says:

    YAAYAYAY! Congrats on winning this honour! You are in some excellent company 🙂

  2. Big congratulations, Rob!