At long last, it’s finally here. Ladies and gentlemen and children (of all ages), may I proudly present, THE CREATURE DEPARTMENT. Right now, the book is anxiously clawing its way out of its secret underground lair, dragging its horns and hair and teeth and tentacles…into fine bookshops everywhere!

Massive thanks to the many, many people involved in bringing this book into the light: My publisher, Ben Schrank, and my editor, Rebecca Kilman, at Razorbill/Penguin in New York; my agent, Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists; Nick Hooker and Mike Woods at Framestore New York; Simon Whalley, Selena Stokes and the digital team at Framestore London; Elena Stokes (no relation), who has worked wonders in helping with marketing and publicity; and my deepest, most creaturely thanks to Zack Lydon, the Framestore illustrator behind the book’s eye-popping artwork. (Zack, I sorely owe you a drink one of these days—just as soon as we’re on the same continent!)

Already, the book has garnered some flattering reviews and I’m so pleased at how all our hard work has paid off. Warmest thanks to all of you! Look, even Gügor’s waving his thanks…

Gügor. When he’s not crushing stuff with his enormous hands, he’s quite good at waving.