Zorgamazoo HardcoverZorgamazoo is a novel about a brave young girl; a strange, subterranean creature; a bizarre lottery; a secret map; an imminent alien invasion; a sport that brings together the finer points of cricket, swimming and chess; and, most importantly, adventure!

Oh, and one more thing: It’s a poem—all 288 pages worth. Zorgamazoo is written entirely in rhyming anapestic tetrametre. (Don’t what that means? Better sample an extract.) An international award-winner and perennial favourite, Zorgamazoo is a children’s book unlike any other!

(Psst! Teachers can find a discussion guide here.)

— Winner —
• German Children’s Audiobook of the Year (2012)
• Audie Audiobook Award, Best Solo Male Performance (Alan Cumming) (2011)
• California Young Reader Medal (2011)
• Silver Birch Award (2010)
• E.B. White Read Aloud Honour (2009)
• Children’s Choice Award, from the Children’s Book Council (2009)

— Nominations —
• Deutscher Jugendbuchpreis (German Youth Book Prize, 2013)
• Pacific Northwest Young Readers Choice Award (2011)


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