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Interview with Books For Breakfast

Last week I did and interview with Dan Evans, who works at the wonderful Bookshelf Cafe & Cinema in Guelph. He also happens to be one of the hosts of CFRU 93.3‘s morning radio program, Books for Breakfast. For some … More

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New Study: 89% of Young Men Kiss Each Other on the Lips

This morning I woke up to a podcast of Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor. As usual, the episode was split into two halves, each dealing with recent news in the world of sociology. At the top of the programme, Laurie announced … More

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The Mysteries of Radio

In October, Dust City was nominated for the 2012 Red Maple Award, part of Ontario’s Forest of Reading Program; a couple weeks ago, one of the organizers contacted the nominees with an unexpected proposition. “We would like to see if a … More

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