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Victor Rivas’ Artwork for Prince Puggly

As of today, it’s exactly one month before the release of my new novel-in-verse, Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff. Of course, I’m excited to see it in bookshops, but I might be even more excited about … More

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Kerouac’s Scrolled Manuscript and Britain’s Last Typewriter

Today I stared down Jack Kerouac’s 120 foot scrolled manuscript of On the Road, currently on display at the British Library. Check it out if you have a chance; the scroll’s impressive for a few reasons. First, it was penned uber-fast, in a … More

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How do you say Zorgamazoo in German?

Quick question: What do I have in common with Pearl S. Buck, Roald Dahl, Cory Doctorow, Ted Hughes, Brian Selznick and Charles Simic? Absolutely nothing, you say? Well, you’re close. The answer is we’re all going to be translated into … More

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Judging Books By Their Covers

It’s the old adage. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t make decisions based on appearances alone. Look beyond the surface. Et cetera. All tantamount to another old chestnut: It’s what’s inside that counts. Recently, however, a couple things … More

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Better Book Titles

Here’s something that cracks me up. The premise of “Better Book Titles” is simple. Book covers are photoshopped to feature a title that’s…let’s call it a “less artful, but more sincere” version of the original. Dan Wilbur, the guy  who … More

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