Zorgamazoo Audiobook Nominated for an Audie Award

24/05/2011 UPDATE: Alan Cumming won! His performance of Zorgamazoo was awarded Best Male Solo Performance. Congrats, Alan!

Here’s my original post about the nomination:

Okay, so technically it’s not Zorgamazoo that’s up for the award, but it’d be amiss of me if I didn’t take the opportunity to once again praise and acknowledge Alan Cumming’s brilliant reading.

Alan was nominated in the category of “Solo Narration – Male” and, needless to say, my fingers are crossed that he wins! It must have been a challenge to read an entire novel in rhyming anapaestic tetrameter, but it’s clear he was up to the task.

But don’t take my word for it, of course. You can hear a sample by clicking the “Listen” button on this Audiofile review page. The awards will be given out on May 24 at The Times Centre in New York.

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2 THOUGHTS TO " Zorgamazoo Audiobook Nominated for an Audie Award "

  1. Yeah, Alan Cumming rocks. I had no idea that I actually know his work, until I saw him do an interview and I finally connected the face to the name. Duh! He’s such a talented actor. Fingers crossed that he wins!

  2. Thanks, Ishta. I’m amazed he saw fit to mention it on his blog—right above his SAG award for The Good Wife, no less. Check it out: http://www.alancumming.com/won.php