Victor Rivas’ Artwork for Prince Puggly

Puggly Art Shaman

The Shaman of Spud, rocking out on his electric lute.

As of today, it’s exactly one month before the release of my new novel-in-verse, Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff. Of course, I’m excited to see it in bookshops, but I might be even more excited about the artwork—by the amazing Victor Rivas!

Victor is responsible for the drawings that introduce all the chapters in both Zorgamazoo and Prince Puggly. He recently posted his final artwork for the latter on his flickr photostreamand they are amazing!

(A touch of backstory: Way back in 2007 the people at Penguin showed me some of Victor’s work and asked if I would like him to do the drawings for Zorgamazoo. I took one look and replied with a resounding YES.)

Victor’s illustrations for Zorgamazoo lift the book to another level, but here, with Puggly, he outdid himself. Check these out:

Puggly Art Slugs

Princess Frannie of Spiff, with a bit of a slug problem.

Puggly Art Books

“Her Dickens, her Brontë, her Austen, her Poe…
As her father decreed, they all had to go.”

Puggly Art Scribbles

Granny O’Bungleton, scribbling away in her little alcove.

Wonderful stuff! There’re more of these posted in Victor’s gallery, along with samples of his extremely diverse output. Thank you, Victor, always a pleasure!

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