Out Today: The Creature Department, GOBBLED BY GHORKS

Gobbled by Ghorks Full Cover med

NEWS! NEWS! Today is the day the sequel to The Creature Department hits the street. The books is called Gobbled By Ghorks! and that’s precisely what will happen if Elliot, Leslie, and the incredibly strange creatures of DENKi-3000 can’t find a way to amuse the most humourless ghork of them all.

Believe it or not, this book is even stranger (and possibly sillier) than the first one. But that’s creaturedom for you.

Inside, you will find weird creatures and weirder inventions, gigantic flying beetles, daredevil record-breakers, jazz ballads for the electrombone, a dollop of romance, many more dollops of snot, great heaps of food, and the most bizarre all-singing, all-dancing dinner-theatre style cabaret ever produced!

Once again, the book features artwork by the special effects firm, Framestore, the mad minds behind visual effects in Guardians of the Galaxy, Where the Wild Things Are, Gravity, the Harry Potter films and many others.

Bon appétit!

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