On Authors for Indies Day, Please Support Your Local Bookshop!

Authors for IndiesSaturday, the 2nd of May is Canada’s first ever Authors for Indies Day, when authors will celebrate independent booksellers—by visiting them in person, giving readings, perhaps even hand-selling a book or two.

The concept is simple. Independent booksellers face many challenges. The trend of the embattled indie is ubiquitous, observed not only in Canada, but also in the UK and the US. It only stands to reason that authors lend their support. We not only rely on booksellers to sell our wares, but we also rely on them to foster and buttress a literate society.

As for me, I’m very fortunate because I’ll be in Toronto for the Forest of Reading Children’s Book Festival and Authors for Indies Day. You can find me at Mable’s Fables on the afternoon on Saturday, May 2. Here’s a schedule of the day. It’s a packed roster:

Authors for Indies at Mables

Please pop in and say hello—to me, or any of the over 500 authors getting involved across Canada—and of course, if your able to, please buy a book, and support the people who tirelessly support us.

Or, as David Nicholls put it recently, “To discover a book in a well-staffed, lovingly maintained shop, then to sneak off and buy it online, is really just a genteel form of shoplifting.”

Couldn’t agree more.

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