Blues for Zoey is published today!

Blues for Zoey vinyl

Good news everyone: Today is the day Penguin/Razorbill Canada publishes my new novel, Blues For Zoey.

Once again, in my valiant and continued battle against categorisation, this book is a departure from everything that preceded it. I’ve done a pair of comic fantasy novels-in-verse for young readers, a hardboiled fairy tale, and a newfangled, “transmedia” collaboration with a special effects company.

Here we have a whole new animal.

Blues for Zoey began as an idea I had for a coming-of-age story about money, rather than sex (although both rear their heads). Music and murder also slip in there, as well as the choice to give the protagonist an ambiguous, mixed ethnicity—like me.

As a result, and here I shamelessly resort to cliché, this is “a more personal work.” Of course, every book is personal, which makes the cliché all the more flaccid, but in this case picking out the personal bits is a little easier.

I hope you like it.

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