“The twists and feints that lead the reader from a love story to a mystery are subtle enough that, like a good magic trick, you won’t know you’ve been had till the deal is done.”


“A wonderful coming-of-age story.” (4/4 stars)

CM Magazine

“The author has a nice twist in store, subverting even the keenest readers’ anticipations.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Fans of gritty, realistic, and authentic works will find this novel an intriguing option. A diverse group of characters and the inner-city setting adds interest. Recommend this to fans of John Green’s Paper Towns (Dutton, 2008), owing to the dark and honest portrayal of teenage life.”

School Library Journal

“Weston (The Creature Department) strikes a balance between a teen with the weight of adult responsibilities on his shoulders and a youthful naivety, allowing a twist ending to take readers—and Kaz himself—by surprise.”

Publishers Weekly

“A poignant and somewhat eccentric coming-of-age novel whose lighthearted tone belies the difficult subject matter at its core. Like a skilled magician, Weston performs a quick sleight of hand using strategic plotting and offbeat humour to construct a puzzle that culminates in a tragic, yet oddly hopeful denouement.”

Readerly, the National Reading Campaign

“Music and mystery twist together in Robert Paul Weston’s latest YA novel…the novel’s journey is suitably winding to keep the reader intrigued.”

Quill and Quire

“Honest, gritty and real…Kaz is a likeable, lifelike character that you cheer for.”

Misbehavin’ Librarian

“Different characters, different motives, different ways of life, all come together in a glimpse into one teen’s life, to tell an amazing story.”

Me on Books

“Never overlook the inclusion of any story element in Robert Paul Weston’s books…I was convinced I knew where the story was going, and appreciated where it was heading, until that one piece of information dropped in.”

CanLit for Little Canadians

“This story is an exciting example of how perfectly ordinary events, can, within a short period f time, become incredibly extraordinary—both for good and for ill, and I enjoyed unraveling the twists and turns of the plot with every turn of the page.”

Mabel’s Fables

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