How do you say Zorgamazoo in German?

Beethoven demonstrates how to say “Zorgamazoo” in his native tongue.

Quick question: What do I have in common with Pearl S. Buck, Roald Dahl, Cory Doctorow, Ted Hughes, Brian Selznick and Charles Simic?

Absolutely nothing, you say? Well, you’re close.

The answer is we’re all going to be translated into German by the same man. That man is Uwe-Michael Gutzschhahn.

I’m extremely excited to see the German treatment for the book. Transposing Zorgamazoo’s 30,000 words of verse into any language is surely be a monstrous task—so I tip my hat to Mr. Gutzschhahn. Thank you so much for taking up the challenge!

I’ve always thought of Germany as a country with a deep and abiding reverence for children’s literature, so to top is all off, I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be attending the Berlin International Literature Festival in September for a series of talks and readings. Huge thanks to the festival and my German publisher, Jacoby-Stuart for bringing me to Berlin!

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4 THOUGHTS TO " How do you say Zorgamazoo in German? "

  1. Tom Kanzowski says:

    the monsters have captured our school and the creator, too. Your reading was amazing for children and adults. Is Zorgamazoo available as audio book? WkR

  2. gabriela grunwald says:

    your book Zorgamazoo is on the booklist november from the radio program Kiraka the radio for children WDR 5 – Germany
    I liked your book very much and so I will make the radio “article” (don’t know the word:-((() and if you wish I can send you an mp3 – its in german – best wishes for your next book Gabriela

    • Danke schön, Gabriela! I would love to hear the broadcast (even if I can’t understand it myself), so please do send it by email whenever you are free to do so. Thanks for letting me know about this. I appreciate it!