A Tour of Quebec

Here I go again with a nasty time-lag! It’s the middle of June and I’m finally getting around to blogging something about my trip to Quebec for Children’s Book Week—back in May.

A Zorgamazoo triptych

Each year, writers specializing in fiction and non-fiction for youth apply to the centre to be part of Book Week. The only criteria is that you must have had a new book published in the twelve months leading up to Book Week—Dust City in my case.

On the tour, I met a ton of wonderful people—mostly teachers and librarians working in the schools and libraries where I presented to youth ranging in age from 8 to 17. My favourite question came from a kid in the fourth grade. “Do you have a good relationship with your editor?” he asked me. Nice one, kid. I do, by the way. She’s lovely!

Old Krabby & Dr. LeFang (with a rather nasty looking brain lobotomizer).

Another  highlight was my visit to Greater Gatineau Elementary, where nearly the entire school was festooned in Zorgamazoo artwork, including a large, triptych billboard in the gymnasium. I was also impressed with the small town of Shawville, where two students dug the book so much they came in costume—which has certainly never happened before. If you’re interested, you can read about it in the Shawville Equity—one of the last wholly independent newspapers in the country!

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  1. That photo of the kids in costume is awesome! What a tribute to your work. Glad you had a good week!

  2. Robert Paul Weston says:

    Thanks, Ishta, finally got the new site up and running.