Destination: London

Where I’m headed: The Weston Great Hall (no relation) at the British Museum.

As some people reading this will know, I am moving to London, England. The reasons for the move are partly for the sake of my wife’s work. She’s a production designer who specializes in theatrical model-making (AKA maquettes) and there’s a lot more work for her in Europe. There’s also the fact that we’re both London-o-philes.

Even still, I’m going to miss Toronto. I’ll miss that clean sharpness at the beginning of winter, and the huge number of free public ice-skating rinks (Toronto has the most in the world, in fact). I’ll miss Chad and the guys at Sky Blue Sky, who kept me fed and watered, and Canadian Rocky Mountain cookies at El Cafecito. I’ll especially miss the Toronto Writers’ Centre, the amazing place where I did most of my scribbling over the last couple years.

Most of all, though, I’ll miss my friends, fellow writers and colleagues (if any of you cross the proverbial pond, make sure you look me up!). Until then, or until I’m next back for a visit, it’s goodbye, Toronto.

(Hello, London.)

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  1. You must be in Old Blighty by now – what a change! Hubbles and I are bringing the kids out to visit the Grandmas and see the Olympics up-close-and-personal, so maybe we can catch up.

    Either way, I wish you and Machiko all the best there – it’s an amazing city, and you have such a great writing style for the UK. It’s probably completely crazy right now with the Olympics preparation going on, but once August is over and the tourists have mostly gone, I’m sure you’ll be able to take full advantage of the city. Enjoy!

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